Superpedestrian’s fleet of LINK shared e-scooters in Bordeaux, France is our eighth country service. But with eight providers already in play, does the city really need another e-scooter operator?

Senior Electrical Engineer Teagan Brendlinger (center) at the Superpedestrian lab

The climate is changing: Part 1

Meet Sam, a Superpedestrian Field Service Engineer

Or, how Superpedestrian is taking its cues from South Park

A horror scene, indeed (Credit: South Park)

Why micromobility’s future depends on protecting pedestrians
(and why those who cry, “but cars are worse!” are missing the point)

June/July 2021

  • This study shows that scooters in Indianapolis complement bus service more often than they detract from it — and…

A Toast to the Red Deers of the World

LINK by Superpedestrian

Built better for cities. Operating in 50 cities and 7 countries.

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