Micromobility is Supposed to be a Half-Trillion Dollar Industry

Most of us aren’t trying to be the next e-scooter racing champion (left: Superpedestrian; right: Business Wire)

Why Costs are Too High

The purchase and maintenance of the vehicles is by far the biggest cost of doing business. For shared scooter operators like Superpedestrian to cover depreciation, spare parts and labor, each scooter must perform an average minimum number of trips per vehicle per day (TVD).

It’s possible to break even with fewer trips per scooter
There are a lot more cities to serve than the 100 with the most density

Superpedestrian’s Approach

Here at Superpedestrian, we tackled the cost problem by developing new ways to autonomously protect the scooter’s internal systems, especially the electrical components that are most expensive, and most prone to failure. These patented technologies, which we call Vehicle Intelligence, dramatically lower our costs, enabling us to sustainably serve a much wider array of urban and suburban geographies.



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LINK by Superpedestrian

LINK by Superpedestrian

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