What LINKS us?

This is the question that Superpedestrian asks in our first commercial — a short art film-style piece celebrating what binds us together. Watch it on YouTube.

Superpedestrian is excited to share the first commercial featuring LINK by Superpedestrian. The short art-style film, entitled “What links us?” is available today.

In this short film, we celebrate the moments that connect us — that link us — to family, friends and places, and the shared milestones in our collective experience.

Directed by Oli Brotherhood and produced by Victoria Mantua, the film also explores the role that shared mobility plays in our everyday lives.

“At Superpedestrian, we put humans at the center of everything we do — from designing and testing the safest scooters to working with charities to create employment opportunities for disadvantaged people — and this ethos is reflected in our commercial,” explains Ross Ringham, Director of Communications (EMEA) at Superpedestrian, who executive produced What Links Us?

“We were also keen to present an optimistic view of the road ahead as we emerge from COVID, including the prospect of returning to such normal activities as visiting family, dating, and moving house. It’s been a delight to work with Oli and Victoria to create this beautiful short film that shares the magic of shared mobility.”



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