What do City Officials from Manhattan, Kansas and Alcalá de Henares, Spain have in common?

Enrique Nogués, councillor, Alcalá de Henares:

Superpedestrian’s LINK scooter has been perfectly integrated into the mobility flow of Alcalá de Henares, connecting people, saving travel time so that their customers can better enjoy their free time.

Today, thanks to micro-mobility companies such as Superpedestrian, Alcalá is a better, more sustainable and close city. Their services help integrate its tourist offer, by allowing visitors the ability to move easily through the different historical enclaves of our World Heritage city.

Jared Wasinger, City of Manhattan, Kansas:

Excellent technology, first class product, very well-managed fleet and operations, great customer service to the City and the public.

LINK is a superior scooter. Very sturdy, smooth ride, excellent geo-fencing

technology to meet unique demands/rules of the road in cities. The operations team here in Manhattan is very responsive and great at communicating with city and university officials. Geo-fencing technology is second to none, and they were able to create no sidewalk riding in our downtown business districts that have heavy ped traffic.

LINK hires a local group of paid employees covering shifts throughout the day to respond to needs and re-balance the fleet regularly. This is unlike other e-scooter companies that rely on gig-workers that only work when they want to. City staff has been provided direct contact information when issues arise or if we receive notice requesting a scooter be moved. They respond immediately and have never taken more than the agreed upon 2-hour response times. Most times it’s less than 30 minutes. They also work with private business/etc to set up geofences and maintain great customer service.

Like most cities, we were nervous, but LINK has exceeded expectations, taken ownership of handling most everything that comes up, and has made my job of managing the relationship very easy. Would highly recommend LINK.




Built better for cities. Operating in 50 cities and 7 countries.

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LINK by Superpedestrian

LINK by Superpedestrian

Built better for cities. Operating in 50 cities and 7 countries.

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