The world’s safest e-scooter just got safer

  • 22% faster geofence reaction. By storing geofence maps and enforcement commands onboard, LINK cuts the lag time experienced by all other e-scooters, which rely on cellular connections and cloud computing. Now, all LINK scooters can react in just 0.7s (previously 0.9s). That’s a 22% speed improvement, making the industry’s fastest-responding geofence system even better at safeguarding protected areas and keeping all city residents safe.
  • 3X capacity for onboard geofences. Every LINK now has three times more storage for onboard geofence maps. LINK’s 223 Seattle-specific geofence zones were already the most of any provider in any single city. The Briggs operating system can now accommodate 24,000 discrete onboard zones per city, allowing precise protection throughout complex urban environments.
  • 7X more precise geofence accuracy. Enhanced mapping resolution makes parking control more precise and speeds geofence enforcement.
  • 10% more range. Increased powertrain efficiency boosts scooter range from 55 to 61 miles on a single charge: a 10% increase, and now three times the range of common alternatives.
  • Two days of extra battery life. We’ve optimized Briggs to increase LINK’s battery standby life, which jumps from 20 to 22 days — a 10% increase. This reduces charging frequency, further reducing LINK’s carbon footprint.



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LINK by Superpedestrian

LINK by Superpedestrian

Built better for cities. Operating in 50 cities and 7 countries.