Notable Recent Papers in Micromobility

Luo, Hao, Zimo Zhang, Konstantina Gkritza, and Hua Cai. “Are shared electric scooters competing with buses? a case study in Indianapolis.” Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 97 (2021): 102877.

  • This study shows that scooters in Indianapolis complement bus service more often than they detract from it — and they are particularly valuable in areas with low bus coverage. Authors suggest redistributing scooters to areas with lower density and transit coverage, which Superpedestrian can do with ease thanks to on-board tech.

Pils, Maximilian, et al. “Are E-Scooter Riders More Oblivious to Traffic Than Cyclists? A Real World Study Investigating the Execution of Shoulder Glances.” International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction. Springer, Cham, 2021.

  • This paper busts the myth that scooter riders are more reckless than cyclists — finding that scooter riders look out for cross-traffic at least as often as cyclists. And more generally, drivers were a lot more likely to stop for cyclists than for scooter riders. It rightly examines street safety holistically and suggests that scooter drivers are far from the greatest hazard on the road.

Bennett, Cynthia, et al. “Accessibility and The Crowded Sidewalk: Micromobility’s Impact on Public Space.” Designing Interactive Systems Conference 2021. 2021.

  • This paper draws attention to how tech interacts with the most important part of cities: people. The authors map out how technology co-evolves with policy, and emphasizes a need for tech and policy alike to better include the disability community.

Huo, Jinghai, et al. “Influence of the built environment on E-scooter sharing ridership: A tale of five cities.” Journal of Transport Geography 93 (2021): 103084.

  • This paper gives empirical basis to our basic ridership patterns in micromobility: more density, younger populations, denser street networks, mixed land uses, and proximity to the city center boost scooter ridership.

C. Leone, M. Longo and F. Foiadelli, “Public and Micro-Mobility Transportation Modes Comparison.” 2021 Sixteenth International Conference on Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies (EVER), 2021, pp. 1–7, doi: 10.1109/EVER52347.2021.9456647.

  • This paper examines scooter ridership along a corridor in Milan and finds that scooters offer a sustainable alternative and complementary option to transit. This bodes well for other Italian cities where we operate.

Pham, Katherine Hoffmann. Essays on the Digital Future of Mobility. Diss. New York University, 2021.

  • Chapter 2 of this dissertation examines the efficacy of parking compliance interventions in San Diego and Paris, finding that a combination of digital and physical cues are most effective — and particularly, that first-time riders are more responsive than regular commuters.



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