Notable Recent Papers in Micromobility

People for Bikes, Where Do We Go From Here? Breaking Down Barriers to Cycling in the US (2021)

International Transport Forum, Reversing Car Dependency: Summary and Conclusions

  • Recommends re-allocating road space to smaller modes, pricing parking, and abolishing parking minimums

P. Meruva, The Three Axes of Micromobility: Supply Chains, Distribution, and Maintenance, Trucks, 2021

  • Superpedestrian gets a dedicated shoutout for integrated supply chain

Merlin et. al, A segment-level model of shared, electric scooter origins and destinations (Transportation Research Part D, March 2021)

  • “ We find preliminary evidence to suggest that scooters are complementing public transit.”

Mitra & Hess, Who are the potential users of shared e-scooters? An examination of socio-demographic, attitudinal and environmental factors (Travel Behaviour and Society, April 2021)

  • “Perceived walkability/bikability and street safety increased the likelihood of considering shared e-scooter in future.”

Environmental performance of shared micromobility and personal alternatives using integrated modal LCA (2021)

  • Research affirming that our LCA impact is less than personal ICEs (though still greater than active transit)

Analysis of the environmental impact of e-scooter sharing services considering product reliability characteristics and durability (2021)

  • “It shows how reliability characteristics, especially durability, can affect product sustainability of mass customized products like e-scooters.”


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