Ciao, Roma! LINK launches 1,000 e-scooters in Rome

Starting today, 1,000 LINK scooters will be available to rent in Rome, Italy. This marks our first European launch, and we’re honored to get to partner with Comune di Roma.

As anyone who’s been to Rome can attest, this is a city full of street life. The historic sites, outdoor cafes, and public plazas are to be savored, and human-scale e-scooters are an ideal way to get around. They’re also a great way to avoid traffic;we got from Piazza di Spagna to Colosseo in 10 minutes — less than half the time it would have taken in a Taxi!

Presenting a bonus challenge for LINK’s engineering team, Rome’s urban obstacles, including the cobblestones and narrow streets in the city center, make this an ideal cityscape in which to showcase our sturdy vehicle and geofencing technology. We’re confident riders will be able to feel the difference, and city officials will appreciate LINK’s precise geofence enforcement which ensures that riders follow the local rules.

Here’s to a beautiful partnership, Rome!