Superpedestrian invested €100,000 to support European Mobility Week with free rides on our LINK shared e-scooters, resulting in 30% more rides than usual

Imagine cruising from the Circus Maximus to the Colosseum on a Superpedestrian LINK e-scooter, minus the usual snakes of Roman traffic. Or riding from downtown Lisbon all the way to Belém to visit some of the city’s most famous monuments and taste a classic pastel de nata. What about taking…

Superpedestrian’s fleet of LINK shared e-scooters in Bordeaux, France is our eighth country service. But with eight providers already in play, does the city really need another e-scooter operator?

What comes to mind when you think of Bordeaux? Wine? Museums? Architecture? What about sustainable tourism? Eco-friendly urban transport? A wealth of shared micromobility options?

The answer should be: all of the above!

Huddled around its crescent-shaped “Port of the Moon,” a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007, the city…

Kelly and Teagan on how diverse teams beget more diverse teams and make better products

Senior Electrical Engineer Teagan Brendlinger (center) at the Superpedestrian lab

posted by: Jamie Perkins, Director of Communications

At Superpedestrian, we want our company to reflect the cities we serve, because we believe having different people from different backgrounds collaborating together makes us better at serving…

Why micromobility’s future depends on protecting pedestrians
(and why those who cry, “but cars are worse!” are missing the point)

The summer of 2021 was supposed to be micromobility’s big breakout moment: cities coming back to life, streets teeming with people eager to stretch their legs, people hungry for al fresco dining destinations and open-air transportation options to get them there.

But recent headlines in Seattle and Milwaukee are telling…

LINK by Superpedestrian

Built better for cities. Operating in 50 cities and 7 countries.

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